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We love shemales so much that we created this site that lists the very best of the best shemale, tranny, and solo t-girl sites from around the internet.

We love shemales so much that we created this site that lists the very best of the best shemale, tranny, and solo t-girl sites from around the internet.

Help them each choose a fashionable outfit in this dress-up game to have them looking fabulous – and Instagrammable – on the slopes and on the sand. But you see, she's still not giving up on her chicness even at a coffee break! Here's Alice to take us to the Coachella Festival to make us feel better than ever!

So are you ready to spend three-day festival full of every kind of music and art? First she'll show us the Festival Fashion, then we'll have a great time listening to amazing live music together! Zoe and Lily want to take a break from the studies and go on a vacation together!

Working all day with crops and animals is not an easy job!

You need to have comfortable clothes to do the daily tasks. if you are a fashion lover, you must find ways to look stylish, too!

It's hard to please all customers, how good can you handle this job? Run your own restaurant and get carried away in a cooking fever! Our stylish editor Alice can't stay at one place and this time she is going to a winter holiday to conquer the snowy mountains.

We are choosing the perfect theme for our next issue! She will meet her friends from various fashion magazines there and it'll be a very hip event for sure!

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These princesses are eager to post photos of their holidays on Instagram, so they NEED to be well dressed in Couple Travel Selfie. They are throwing a party in the garden of the famous Hill hotel to enjoy the first days of this great time of the year with their friends and families! After having participated in all long-lasting fashion events, Alice thinks she has already deserved a little pause!

Jack Frost took Elsa skiing, and Aladdin took Jasmine to the beach. Finally the days will be warmer and parks will be full of blooming trees! Now she's going to sit down at a small and cute French-like café's terrace to take a rest by sipping a delicious coffee!

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So, it'll be not only a fun outing with friends or family, it'll be also a great fashion event where we may get the opportunity to meet the most popular fashion icons! Feeling positive and playful, you surely wish to carry all the colors on your dresses! You have many colorful accessories here along with many lovely dresses. Plus, we'll relax on-deck with a glass of our favorite drink and fine dining and enjoy stunning sea views before we start an another intense year full of long-lasting fashion events!

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