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He was warned by his men 'screaming into the phone' that a 'glowing red object' had been spotted over their missile silo, which was 60 feet underground.

Moments later they discovered that all of the missiles had been deactivated.

Many people drink socially without becoming alcoholics; for most, booze is a source of pleasure, not pain. If a guy does it when he’s single and hasn’t had sex in awhile, it’s normal. Remember, you may not like porn, but you can’t ban it.

If a guy does it when his girlfriend is out of town, it’s normal. You just have to trust that your guy can handle it in moderation. Do you assume that because of the addicted guy that no man can use it in healthy moderation?

It’s gotten a lot of internet air play because it’s a juicy subject: man lays out, in a logical (and researched) manner, the six reasons why men must give up pornography. It can create an unrealistic set of expectations about real-life sex with a real live woman with real-life emotions.

I can already hear the collective “amen” from a lot of women, and I don’t entirely blame them. It can become a serious addiction that cripples a man’s ability to be in a committed sexual relationship.

Researcher Robert Hastings, who has written on the subject, explained that so far the aliens appeared interested in ‘mere surveillance’ but warned they seemed to have gone further in some instances.

If a guy does it during marriage because everyone has the right to maintain a little bit of a fantasy life without actually being unfaithful (that is viewing videos, not interacting with another person), it’s normal. I don’t think it’s good in any measure (i.e., even long before becoming an “addiction”).Our evidence is now public domain the evidence is what is the public going to do with it.''He added the UFO phenomenon is real , not imaginary and there is excessive secrecy in the government about this issue.'The tampering of nuclear weapons is a national security concern.'He said: ‘The U. Air Force is lying about the national security implications of unidentified aerial objects at nuclear bases and we can prove it.' They urged the authorities to confirm that alien beings have long been visiting Earth.A press conference today in Washington also highlighted testimony from retired U. Air Force Captain Bruce Fenstermacher, whose security team saw a cigar-shaped UFO hovering above FE Warren nuclear base in Wyoming in 1976.The incident, in the early hours of December 27, 1980, was never fully explained. UFO researcher Robert Hastings held the press conference in Washington to 'address the vital issue of UFO incursions at US nuclear weapons sites over the past six decades'.Mr Hastings said: "More than 100 former or retired US Air Force personnel - once trusted to operate or guard weapons of mass destruction - have come forward and revealed ongoing UFO surveillance of, and occasional interference with, our nuclear weapons.'This information alters the historical perspective on the nuclear arms race and much, much more.'The fact that the Pentagon and CIA have successfully kept the truth from public view for so long is in itself mind-boggling.'They want U. and British authorities to release 60 years worth of 'X-Files' they claim proves the existence of extra-terrestrials.

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