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There would have been a lot of wild berries, like Blackberries and Blueberries.

Wood to a query from Roy Chadwick [learned subsequently that Roy is of a different branch or line–see Joseph's son Thomas' notes–shb], copied to shb, : "It's actually my wife's line.

So…this means that both men had to have been born on or before 12 March 1728/29. Lankford, ID 66691–doing farm labor for the William D.

They could certainly have been born before that date but definitely not after that date." [See notes of John D. Coleman family and living next door to Elizabeth's widower father, James Rock–shb.] Are these Langfords/Colemans connected to those in this court case Shiron Wordsworth details, above?

the Stephen Langford who was in the same neighborhood of Kentucky, and stayed there for several decades after Joseph's death.

Stephen married a second time late in life, leading some (including me, once) to assume erroneously that Stephen Langford of Rockcastle (then Lincoln & Pulaski) was the son of Joseph." [Also, in response to a letter from Roy Chadwick, describing his own heritage, Barry responds: "Unfortunately, as you have no doubt already discovered, the local population was small before about 1770, and the surviving records from the pre-War period are very slim.

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