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It is the behavior of someone who uses his own power and privilege to take what he wants from women.Audiences have not had to grapple with Affleck’s alleged faults, because the media has largely ignored the lawsuits since they were settled.This morning, the Hollywood Reporter posted an “Oscar actor roundtable” video featuring Affleck, which makes no mention of the sexual-harassment allegations against him.Earlier this week, Affleck took home best-actor prizes at both the Gotham Awards and the National Board of Review, which are early Oscar predictors. This brotherly posing makes prestige outlets hesitant to ask the younger Affleck tough questions, for fear of losing access to all three stars.

According to her complaint, Gorka woke up that night to find Affleck “lying in bed next to her.” He had entered the room while she was sleeping, she said, and when she woke up, “he had his arm around her, was caressing her back, his face was within inches of hers and his breath reeked of alcohol.” When she asked him to leave the room, he got angry.

Affleck will likely have a long, storied career like Woody Allen’s, and industry publications will never force him to answer for his actions like they did Nate Parker.

Parker’s Oscar hopes for The Birth of a Nation were quashed earlier this year when outlets began asking him about the fact that he was acquitted of campus rape in 1999.

Earlier this year, he quietly separated from his wife.

When asked about the allegations now, Affleck describes them as baseless attacks on his family.

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In her complaint, White claimed that Affleck constantly discussed his “sexual exploits” during filming, and that at one point, he directed another crew member to show her his penis, despite her objections.

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