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The U-boat tried to escape on the surface, but was then twice attacked with depth-charges by an Australian Sunderland, aircraft 'H' of 10 Squadron RAAF [abbreviated 10/H], piloted by Flight Lieutenant Bill Gibson.With the Naval escort catching up, the captain of U-26 then decided to scuttle his boat. This sinking occurred about 300 miles SSW of the 10 Squadron base at Mount Batten, near Plymouth on the south-western coast of England.He attacked with depth-charges and then homed-in another Australian Sunderland, 10/A, flown by Flight Lieutenant Eddie Yeoman.The Australians expended a total of 16 depth-charges, however the submarine escaped destruction.

Triggs and his crew were finally rescued by a British High Speed Launch, HSL 180.

Italian Submarine Luigi Torelli Survives to Fight Another Day 3 and 7 June 1942 Luigi Torelli was the first Axis submarine detected by the 'Leigh-Light' airborne searchlight, on the night of 3 June 1942.

An Australian, Pilot Officer Allan Triggs, was the Second Pilot of the No.172 Squadron RAF Wellington that delivered this pioneering attack in the Bay of Biscay. Torelli's Captain ran it aground near the Spanish coast to prevent it sinking.

(Triggs was later awarded an MBE for his lifesaving efforts, adding to his DFC for his anti-submarine work.) Tragically, RAAF Sunderland 461/B, while trying to alight on the ocean surface to pick them up, crashed.

Almost all of the Sunderland's crew were lost (including 461 Squadron's Commanding Officer).

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Despite the fact that the Australian continent is situated at the opposite end of the Earth from the North Atlantic Ocean (quite literally!

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