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Ghusl is often translated as "full ablution", as opposed to the "partial ablution", of wudu O Believers, do not come near to prayer when you are drunk, until you know what you are saying; nor when sexually defiled, unless passing through, until you perform ablutions.If you are ill, or on a journey, or one of you comes from the toilet, or you had intercourse with women, and you do not find water, then use some clean earth and wipe your faces and hands.If the file is opened on other platforms, the malware will not work as intended, Trend Micro said in a blog post.“Digmine” is coded in Auto It and sent to would-be victims posing as a video file but is actually an Auto It executable script.

The following hadith describes how ghusl should be performed by Sunni Muslims.When Allah's Messenger bathed because of sexual intercourse, he first washed his hands; he then poured water with his right hand on his left hand and washed his private parts. He then took some water and ran his fingers in the roots of his hair.And when he found that it had been properly moistened, he poured three handfuls on his head and then poured water over his body and subsequently washed his feet."Ghusl tartibi" means an ordinal bath, performed in three stages.After washing away the najasat (e.g., semen or blood) from the body and after niyyat, the body has to be washed in three stages: First, head down to the neck; then the right side of the body from the shoulder down to the foot; and lastly, the left side of the body.

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