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Maybe I’m being too much of a cynic though and she went on a friendly date with Joe. It doesn’t matter if he’s not her typical date (as if I would know) – the guy is a famous music star with plenty of cash. He also seems to have a thing for young starlets, having dated Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato and Camilla Belle.

They dated long distance for a while, texting, calling, meeting in neutral locations and traveling to get to know each other’s friends and families.

She’s moderately famous and has earned a few magazine covers.

She’s not really on my radar but I vaguely remember that she dated Chase Crawford briefly, had a series of nude photos that conveniently leaked and starred in an ad for Sobe water wearing only bodypaint.

"I wouldn't say I could never see them getting back together but right now they are doing their own thing."Greene and Carney have not commented on the alleged separation.

Ashley Greene plays the willowy psychic vampire who sports a pixie cut in the Twilight series.

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