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Violent responses should never be tolerated, but a man who thinks he’s with a woman and then discovers he’s been kissing a man is likely to have an intensely emotional response. It’s not transphobic; it’s an expectation of truth.On Thursday, Mic, an American internet and media company that caters to millennials, released a video depicting trans women discussing their travails; but Mic, tweeting about the video, insisted that heterosexual males are insecure about being attracted to trans women, a perspective articulated by some of the trans women themselves.

When we deny that there is such a thing as objective truth regarding our sexuality, everything becomes subjective and then we are forcing people to accept our own self-perceptions as truth. For society to function and for relationships to flourish, we need to share objective realities — truths that are not defined and determined by individuals, but by our Creator and natural laws.“Transphobia can sometimes slide all the way down to justifying the murder of trans women with comments like the ones made by comedian Lil Duval recently on New York’s Power 105.1 FM radio show , in response to what he’d do if he found out a woman he’s been sleeping with was assigned male at birth.” “It’s pretty terrifying to navigate a dating pool where you’re both disqualified from people’s dating preferences when you disclose your trans status up front, but then also threatened with violence when you choose not to share the details of your genitals before the other person can ‘accidentally’ fall in love with you,” Sara continues.“In this context it makes sense for trans women to wait when you know you’ll be excluded up front, but if you don’t disclose your trans identity instead, you are punished for not telling, possibly by death. It’s almost as if trans people lose either way.” A reason they call straight men who don’t want to date them “transphobic” is that men may be attracted to them until they know the truth.“I think that their view on us is that of a weak boy.They don’t really see us as women.” The difficulty in finding straight men who will date transgender women has driven some to advocate not telling a date they’re transgender.

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“These interactions (usually beginning online) can quickly lead to defensiveness as they backpedal to explain how they aren’t gay, usually including insults and slurs that dehumanize me for even daring to list myself as a woman,” a transgender person named Sara writes on Medium.

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