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To cancel a subscription, you must log into Zoosk, go to the "Settings" tab, and then "Subscription".Pro-rated amounts are not refunded, and the only thing this does is cancel future automatic billing.Zoosk now has 15 million monthly active users across its own site, mobile and Facebook apps, and according to Zoosk itself, sales revenue surpassed million in 2011. It did give them the opportunity to embrace the casual dating market, since they were no longer trying to compete with the "find your true love" market.Zoosk also has a presence in 70 countries, and are very active in 25 countries. Realizing that the advertising campaign had increased numbers, but probably couldn't sustain their growth, the decision was made to create a new facet to appeal to another demographic.Everything up to here is free on the site; however you need to become a paying member to start viewing who has been on your profile, to be able to send messages and chat.Zoosk can recognize your preferences through the actions you take on the website and will suggest potential matches based on these.

A one month membership with Zoosk costs .95 USD, and comes with the disclaimer: "If you do not cancel your subscription prior to the end of its term, it will automatically renew." A three month subscription costs .98 USD a month, billed in one lump sum of .95.The website’s forums are active with conversations on several topics about zoosk dating.The best feature that this site offers is perhaps the profile verification.Frankly, even after signing up ourselves, digging through multiple interviews with the founders, searching through user reviews and feedback, and sifting through articles from hi-tech blogs and pieces from entrepreneur start-up sites...we're barely closer to feeling like we see the essence of what Zoosk is offering as a dating site.Zoosk was launched in December 2007 by founders and friends Alex Mehr and Shayan Zadeh, who are originally from Iran, and met while attending graduate school in the U. The two brainiacs accurately predicted the growth of social media apps, and began to develop their own.

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