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Log in of maak een account aan, zodat je nooit meer een nieuwe release mist. The family of MDP tools covers a wide range of applications from easy to integrate OEM units over high throughput, automated production tools to research and trouble shooting tools always focused on the task which has to be solved.Read more Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) dating is an absolute dating method.

Magnetism is a class of physical phenomena that are mediated by magnetic fields.

2- Gamma irradiation facilities: Sample irradiations are performed using a Gammacell-1000 (Best Theratronics) gamma source (Cs-137, approx. 3- Low Background gamma spectrometry: The natural radioactivity of geological/archaeological samples (sediment, fossil teeth) is assessed with 2 x Canberra high purity germanium detectors (Extended Range Coaxial -Xt Ra- and well-type detectors).

4- ESR spectrometry area: ESR measurements are performed with an EMXmicro-6/1 (X-band) Bruker ESR spectrometer.

The stability of the experimental conditions is ensured by: (i) a Thermo Flex3500 chiller connected to the ESR spectrometer, which controls and precisely stabilizes the temperature ( /- 0.1º) of the water cooling the magnets, and (ii) an air conditioning system regulating the temperature of the room.

The ESR spectrometer is equipped to work either at room temperature or at liquid nitrogen temperature (Bruker temperature control system / JEOL finger deware).

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In ESR dating, the sample acts as a dosimeter, i.e.

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