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Since MERGE combines INSERT and UPDATE operations, you must have the INSERT and UPDATE object privileges on the target table, and of course, the SELECT object privilege on the source table.

file,10) full (contracts_file) */ * from contracts_file ))) f on d.contract_id = f.contract_id when matched then update set desc = f.desc, init_val_loc_curr = f.init_val_loc_curr, init_val_adj_amt = f.init_val_adj_amt when not matched then insert values ( f.contract_id, f.desc, f.init_val_loc_curr, f.init_val_adj_amt); In Oracle Database 10g, the MERGE statement has been extended to cover a larger variety of complex and conditional data transformations, allowing faster loading of large volumes of data.

Even if a row of the target table satisfies the DELETE condition but is not included in the data set from the join defined by the MERGE's ON clause, then it is not deleted.

If the MERGE statement deletes a row, any delete triggers defined on the target table will be activated for each row deletion. The WHERE clause can be specified by itself or in concert with the merge_insert_clause.

You would specify the where_clause when you want Oracle to execute the insert operation only if the specified condition is true.

The condition can refer only to the MERGE data source.

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Say you would like to take transformed data and use it to update our dimension table.

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