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Skills begins dating Bevin after she picks him in the fantasy boy draft.

The two remain together until some time after their high school graduation.

Skills arrives back in Tree Hill and discovers that Mouth has started a relationship with his now ex-girlfriend Lauren.

Skills feels betrayed and punches Mouth at Quinn's gallery opening.

Skills graduates with his friends and hangs out with them on the Rivercourt as they celebrate their graduation.

Lucas later rejoins the team, only to be allowed 15 minutes of total game time and the trio of Nathan, Lucas and Skills make the Ravens formidable opponents.In his adulthood, he had an ill-fated relationship with Deb Lee and Lauren.Skills was often seen with Lucas, Junk, Fergie, Jimmy, and Mouth at the river court.After Jamie is returned, Skills still feels terrible about it, believing Haley and Nathan no longer want him to babysit Jamie.Deb and Skills break up after she tells him he deserves to have children and he starts to date Jamie's teacher, Lauren.

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