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This includes your image, and therefore covers photographs.There is an exemption to the Data Protection Acts for the purposes of art or journalism – otherwise, it’s hard to see how any kind of photo-journalism could exist – but a website devoted to ridiculing women (and only women, interestingly enough) who eat on public transport is unlikely to avail of this public interest defence.But that is not the end of the matter, whatever the owners of “stranger shaming” sites might like to suggest.Under Data Protection law, you have a right not to have your personal data collected, published or otherwise processed without your consent.LAST WEEK, I was on my way down Dublin’s Aston Quay, when I passed a strung-out looking couple having a row on the footpath near the Merchant’s Arch.

My brain was f***ed to do the equivalent of a reboot. I do the computer nerd routine, playing sysadmin for a bunch of machines and company network. For the last two years, she has also been going to night school to work on her masters degree.

When all it takes is one additional click to upload a snap to the internet, you have a culture where none of us can say for sure how many of ourselves might exist on a phone or server somewhere.

What is needed is not law – we have law enough already – but a consensus to take the notion of privacy in a public place seriously.

This is whether you have a pretentious justification for the practise, like this guy, or you are using the images for your private sexual gratification, like these guys. Technology has moved forward so quickly that social taboos and etiquette have not yet solidified around the issue.

The ubiquity of the smartphone means that not only can photos be taken more easily, but that they are taken more often.

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My world had undergone a tremendous change in the course of a few moments. There isn’t much money in teaching and she hopes that an advanced degree will help her get more money or a better position. We were both pretty focused on our schoolwork then and didn’t really party too much in school.

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