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Marion Baroli’s statement about the collaboration: To have my name next to the FILA name is incredible and I am grateful to FILA for this amazing opportunity.We bring out the best in each other and our shared passion for sport and style is evident in the line.

The collaboration, dubbed LOVE FILA BY MARION BARTOLI, combines elements of the brand’s rich heritage with vibrant colors and bold graphics, which will bring a touch of high-end fashion to the French Open and Wimbledon courts.MARIA SHARAPOVA’S NIKE FASHION THROUGH THE YEARS: Even though Masha played no tournaments after the Australian Open, Nike continued to make new releases in their Maria line, like the Nike Summer Premier Maria Dress for the French Open and the Nike Lawn Premier Maria SW19 Dress for Wimbledon.Luckily, Maria did manage to promote some of her outfits, as she decided to practice for her April 2017 comeback by playing exhibition matches.Knowing I wouldn’t get this with a much younger man, I decided to remain open to dates with men nearer my own age, who could sing along to the Rolling Stones. Ever since my book was published, I’d been inundated with correspondence from older men who wanted to prove they had just as much going for them as the young bucks had. He was no matinee idol but looked presentable enough. No, I wanted the thrill of seeing a beautiful young man over the other side of the dinner table, laughing at my anachronisms and making me giddy with excitement.We exchanged friendly messages and spoke on the phone. We stayed in touch via email and Daniel kept trying to pursue things further, but I knew there would be no point.

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