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In 1888, American inventor and entrepreneur Thomas Edison conceived of a device that would do "for the Eye what the phonograph does for the Ear".In October, Edison filed a preliminary claim, known as a caveat, with the United States Patent and Trademark Office; outlining his plans for the device.William Dickson left Edison's company and formed his own company, that produced the mutoscope, a form of hand cranked peep show movie machine.These machines produced moving images, by means of a revolving drum of card illustrations, similar in concept to flip-books, taken from an actual piece of film.His association with Biograph ended inexplicably in 1911.Dickson spent his last years quietly in the English countryside. He died without being given credit for his contributions to the history of modern filmography.The completed version of the Kinetoscope was officially unveiled at the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences on .Not technically a projector system, it was a peep show machine showing a continuous loop of the film Dickson invented, lit by an Edison light source, viewed individually through the window of a cabinet housing its components.

Alongside Lauste, he helped devise what would become known as the Latham loop, allowing the photography and exhibition of much longer filmstrips than had previously been possible.

In this way, began life on Channel 4 back in 2014 tackling the first episode syndrome with aplomb before finding its assured footing within a matter of episodes enabling the solid characterisation to take hold.

If Angus feels like the butt of the joke at first, he becomes the source of the series' biggest laughs, while Luke - initially seeming to be cut from the same lewd cloth as Jay from - is handed the show's most moving arc in season 2.

William Dickson invented the first, practical, celluloid film, for this application.

He slit a medium format roll film, which is 70 mm wide, and perforated the resultant 35 mm film, a standard format which is still in use to this day in cinema and photography.

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