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Yes, this also defines that;- you cannot fanonise a country which doesn't exist.Canon-related rules do not only apply to the characters, but everything shown in the anime (or stated in the light novel).Even though you make some slight changes in a sentence, if the paragraph still looks basically the same, you're dead.However, if you gained a valid permission to plagiarise their own articles by the original author; then go ahead and spam it, LOL.Yes, taking or copy-pasting their work is a sign of no respect and it is a disgrace.Therefore, plagiarising is strictly not allowed here.If any of you have some problems with these general rules, please discuss with me, or another big brother/sister in this wiki such as Iffy, Asharoth, Sky Cerulean or any other active users to discuss with. Welcome to the Date A Live Fanon Wiki (simplified as DAL Fanon Wiki by Irregulars).

If you get stuck in editing, please ask for help from an experienced user to aid you.Failure to obey this will lead into another a problem and direct consequences.Although some users might be somewhat, an arrogant bastards, don't call them a mother-'father' for your own satisfaction.I hope you guys will pay a considerable amount of dedication when joining this wiki.It should be noted that the word 'enjoy' is the main phrase for this wiki.

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