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His holistic approach to design captures the passions and motivations of his clients and celebrates their accomplishments both at work and home.

Mark Brunetz (born August 14, 1963) is an American television host, interior designer and author.Ljudski kapital i ‘Know – how’, uz inovativne tehnologije, najvažniji su resurs svakog preduzeća.Primjena suvremenih trendova, osim neophodnih finansijskih resursa zahtijeva i specifične vještine, kontinuiran rad na novim idejama i profesionalnom razvoju.And if we can laugh at ourselves along the way—all the better. For nearly two decades, Mark Brunetz has been designing stylish abodes, creative office suites and enchanting vacation homes for countless entertainment leaders and entrepreneurs.

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He has hosted the programs "Clean House" and "Clean House: The Messiest Home in the Country" on the Style Network.

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