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He is also a member of the Facebook group “Sustainable Population Australia”…

These are educations that open innumerable cultural doors, make us observant and articulate, nourish our leisure rather than our work, and give us command of a wonderful language that allows us, in turn, to share the benefit.

‘In the beginning was the Word,’ is the first line according to the Gospel of St John — a line to be treasured by all who write or speak to earn their livings — but intoned and droned by Simon Armitage, a Yorkshire poet who is often on television and who should know better, it is reduced to nothing.

But imagine it said by Julian Fellowes, or even by me, it would at least be clear and imbued with feeling.

To become a British politician Bevan, a leader of Welsh miners, tamed his accent, but never lost it, always using it to distinguish himself from the grandees of Chatsworth and Westminster; and J. Priestley, a steadying hand on the BBC radio throughout World War II, did much the same with his Yorkshire brogue.

Together with a raft of educated Scots, these, in my boyhood, made the point that regional accents need indicate nothing more than a place of origin; they were not necessarily, as they are now, indications of low class or wretched education, they did not signal that barbarians were at the gates of civilisation.

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