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To do this, use this code: Private Sub getdata() Dim resolver As Xml Url Resolver = New Xml Url Resolver() Dim base URI As Uri = New Uri(" Dim relative URI As Uri = resolver. Stream)) Dim reader As Xml Text Reader = New Xml Text Reader(input Stream) Do While reader. Traditional means for solving this problem included developing a service to run as a specific user for the request, or calling Win32 APIs to log into a resource with specific credentials. Read Outer Xml()) Loop On Error Resume Next input Stream. Close() End Sub function advances the pointer and returns if the method call was successful.

Resolve Uri(base URI, "Customer.xsd") Dim input Stream As IO. The designers of the Dim relative URI As Uri = resolver. Stream)) Dim reader As Xml Text Reader = New Xml Text Reader(input Stream) Do While reader. If the call was successful, another node must be processed . This can be counter-intuitive to developers who are used to checking for an reference to another function.

Both of these methods take strings as a parameter so they cannot be differentiated by arguments alone.

So I created a The idea is that this way they can change the implementation of Xml Reader and not break any user code (e.g.

Constant maintenance of state information is required to know with what node you are working. The classes that form the foundation of this model are the with data by loading the XML from a string.

We display a table that shows each node in the document and some properties of each node.

Resolve Uri(base URI, "Customer.xsd") Dim input Stream As IO. The bug causes the pointer to be set back on the first attribute. Message); is Valid = False End Sub End Class Note the lack of error handling in this example. NET versions make the assumption that both the XML and XSD files already exist.

For example, the following code causes an endless loop because the pointer is always positioned on the first attribute and never advances: member implicitly checks what type of validation to perform. You might want to extend this example to include a . It simply writes out each node in a forward-only, non-cached manner.

The DOM, however, is a great choice for working with smaller documents that require updating. The downside of the push model is that it is difficult to add and update nodes in the document. Rather, the designers of the classes developed a new forward-only, stream-based model that mixes the document-based approach of the DOM with the forward-only nature of SAX.

Listing 6.1 shows the code that is used to build the XML document as a string in memory, load the document into an property.

Resetting the stream's internal pointer to the beginning of the stream is important. The last line of highlighted text shows that we created the , you can work with external resources and resolve only those resources that you want to retrieve remotely.

This is the default validation type if no type is specified. Write Line("Document is NOT valid.") End If validator. Close() Return is Valid End Function Private Sub Validation Callback(By Val sender As Object, By Val args As Validation Event Args) System. This is a useful class for creating new XML documents.

However, some specific behaviors for each validation type exist. NET SDK documentation, "Validation Types of the //Instantiate a reader to read the XML file Xml Text Reader text Reader = new Xml Text Reader(xml File); //Associate the Validating Reader with the XMLText Reader object Xml Validating Reader validator = new Xml Validating Reader(text Reader); Inside this function is a simple debug output message that lets you know that a validation event occurred and what the message was. Rather than detail each method and property of this class, the following simple example suffices.

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For example, suppose that you are working with an XML Schema file that's located on a remote server.

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