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operational staff) who KNOW things are not as they portray and who KNOW that there is a lot more context/detail they conveniently ignore.

I am told by Kamil that he then began thinking about this "context/detail" in terms of the compensation being demanded by the first 15 girl victims to announce their claims (£100,000 each, according to the Telegraph (18)).

Because most (maybe 90%) of the problem is NOT the police.

If the investigation only focuses on police; it may satisfy critics’ anti-police prejudices but it doesn't address actual problem & doesn't prevent problems occurring in the future.

Before running away to become a free but starving teenaged street person in London, she was left partly deaf from parental beatings, and suffered a fractured skull after being brutally raped by a group of sailors her stepdad had prostituted her to at age 10 (2).

Andrew Neil ‏@afneil Aug 26 The terrible things that happened to the girls will mark Rotherham 1,400 for life. Oh Andrew you were doing so well until your Anti-Victim Prejudice (#AVP) started to show, a percentage of all children will become (abusers, but) Dr Sara Payne MBE ‏@Dr Sara Payne MBE Aug 26 @afneil #AVP …it is wrong and deeply prejudiced to say that abused children become abusers, I was just starting to like you Andrew Neil ‏@afneil @Dr Sara Payne MBE …You need to do research before you dislike. MA commentator Kamil Beylant tweeted a consolatory tweet of his own to Neil. Sara Payne MBE/status/504923229384093696 … We Anatolians understand when grief for a murdered family member seeds a blinding blood feud - not good. Kamil explains that some parts of eastern Turkey are famous for Hatfield/Mc Coy type family blood feuds that go on for generations, with aggrieved mothers of murder victims being among the most enthusiastic propagators of the cycle of revenge - BN) As this example shows, there is a strain of unreasoning militancy or fanaticism about the Keenan / Payne nexus that clearly strains their relations with many of the establishment members they try to goad towards their viewpoints.The bone of contention is the municipal report on institutional failings in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, where it is alleged that social service and police unresponsiveness contributed to the abuse of 1400 tween- and teen-aged girls by local Pakistani mashers (see my article on this (16)).(Some tweet series making connected statements have been merged together) Peter Kirkham ‏@Peter_Kirkham [email protected] Sara Payne MBE @Jack JDees @cate_a_moore @MAMAAUK …Also, she has learned to use her victimhood as a silencer. (Re 'stroke': Payne recovered from a ruptured brain aneurysm a few years ago - BN) Friends rush in to console her for the grievous injury of being critically questioned, which to Payne is tantamount having the murder of her daughter callously trivialized. You're a treasure x Pamela Donaldson ‏@uncleporkie Aug 28 @Dr Sara Payne MBE …See what happens at the end of a series of testy tweets exchanged with Spectator Magazines chairman and BBC political commentator Andrew Neil @afneil (14). Hardly surprise (Some studies support Neil, e.g., Cohen LJ and collaborators, Childhood sexual history of 20 male pedophiles vs. lisamills ‏@jaimebamber Aug 28 @Dr Sara Payne MBE … Many of us see some good coming out of the tragic death of your daughter and you are out there looking after others!

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