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(For the full rundown, read the team’s blog post, which contains a link to the full research report.) “There shouldn’t be any deviance ever,” says Rich Smith, Duo’s director of research and development.

“But there is and in some cases it is quite significant.” Since 2015, Apple has bundled firmware updates in with updates to its operating system—a move the researchers applaud for taking some of the onus off users for keeping their systems up to date.

In a significant number of cases, computers running the latest versions of the mac OS operating system lag when it comes to firmware—potentially leaving a core part open to compromise.

Of the tens of thousands of machines examined, roughly 54,000 computers were actively maintained by Apple.

(EFI firmware is the first part of a Mac’s programming that runs after a computer is turned on.) The researchers made a surprising discovery.

But there’s a problem; should a firmware update fail, users aren’t warned.

“There’s no notification that an EFI update failed—no retry, it’s just a silent failure,” Smith says.

The following steps will take you through the process.

Even if you keep your software up to date, your computer may be hiding vulnerable, outdated code within its deepest recesses that hackers can exploit to totally compromise your machine—leaving you none the wiser.

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“You’re software secure, but firmware vulnerable,” Smith says.

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