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With the reveries of the Jewish teachers was mingled the Egyptian, the Arabic, and the Grecian doctrines.From the Egyptians, especially, Rabbinism derived its allegorical and symbolic mode of instruction.Out of it sprang the Therapeutists and the Essenian9; and it gave rise to the composition of the Talmud, many of whose legends have been incorporated into the mythical philosophy of Speculative Freemasonry.This it is that makes Rabbinism an interesting subject of research to the Masonic student.In the four following years the Order was extended to thirty-one States of the Union and grew to a membership of forty thousand The Order of the Rainbow is not Freemasonry nor is it Eastern Star, but it is very dear to each one off these fraternities.Local Lodges or Bodies are called Assemblies, and before an Assembly can be instituted it must be sponsored by a Masonic or an Eastern Star organization that will promise to look after its welfare.

In 1853, he published Orthodoxie Maonnique, a work abounding in historical information, although some of his statements are inaccurate.Its members, girls from 13 to 18, must be children of Masonic or Eastern Star families, or the friends and chums of such children.This is the only relationship it has to Freemasonry though it has no secrets from Freemasons or Stars and they are free to attend the meetings of any Assembly.A curious sidelight upon the use of the expression is that obtained by considering the word as also meaning the acceptance or adoption of the candidate officially by the Fraternity.There is an ancient and striking parallel for this understanding.

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