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The Canon 16-35mm F2.8L II has been one of the most coveted lenses amongst landscape photographers for a fairly long time.The legendary sunstar was one of the major selling points of the lens and it was one of the major characteristics that really separated the Canon lens from the rest of the field.

The F4 is far cheaper than the 2.8 version 3 and is a fine lens. On the other hand: who will ever use a wide-angle zoom for portrait work, studio or macro photography? I'd have come up with something different or just say that there are no cons really.that's right! it's more a matter of what a lens is intended for rather than all that you can make with it.you'd could potentially shoot sports with a macro lens, not that i'd ever recommended it or that the lens designers would have thought about it when they designed it.i think the 'cons' should be related to what the lens was originally designed for.which part of my above comment "it's more a matter of what a lens is intended for rather than all that you can make with it" wasn't clear?

Reading at the reviews posted, Canon improves the overall sharpness (especially in the corners, this was a weakness of version II), distortion and flare control. When I hear about fast lenses for the landscape photographer I believe it's irelevant as such photographers will shoot between f8- 16 ?

The amazing sharpness could be the reason for the upgrade. Anyway, who shoot landscape or architecture with such aperture? Or is fast lens a better designed and constructed pro lens and that makes it better ?

Theoretically you can hand hold the F4 IS lens in much lower light than the 2.8 which has no IS. i stand on my view: a extreme wide angle zoom is not a primary tool for portraits, and i'm sure the designers where far more concerned about flatness of field or lateral aberration on extreme corners of the image, that it's important for landscapes, than about its bokeh on close subjects.

i mean, to take a portrait with 16mm you are so close to your subject that you're practically kissing her/him. They haven't updated their 17-35 in ages, and they should because this is a crucial lens, more so than either of the 14-24 and 24-70.

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