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Roadmap Priority: Low — We are still evaluating this technology.The Cache API consists of additional Service Worker APIs which allow authors to fully and conveniently manage their content caches for offline use.

usp=sharing Unprefixed version: Microsoft Edge build 14986 View Changelog: Build Number 14986 Adds the ability to get information about multiple audio tracks, and switch between them using the Audio Track.enabled attributes.

Unprefixed version: IE 10 , Microsoft Edge build 10240 View Changelog: Build Number 10240 Applies a CSS filter effect to the content behind an element.

This is not the element's background but the content that would be drawn behind it.

Allows a server to instruct the user agent to upgrade insecure requests via a Content-Security-Policy header.

This directive is meant to make it even easier for a site administrator to move towards using all secure transports, while avoiding having to make massive updates to URLs in their web applications.

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Unprefixed version: Windows Insider Preview Build 17063 View Changelog: Build Number 17063 Specifies the blending mode used for each background layer Roadmap Priority: Low — We are still evaluating this technology.

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