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For information about European Delivery at Porsche Leipzig, home of the Cayenne and Panamera, click here or see your local Porsche dealer.When you pick up your new Porsche, you will need a current passport and a valid driver's license.At the time of delivery, in addition to one pristine new Porsche with a full tank of gas, your European Delivery Consultant will present you with the following documents: Your new Porsche will be built to specifications meeting all U.S./Canadian safety and emission control requirements. Unleaded fuel is now widely available at most major gas stations in Western Europe.Also on display is Porsche Number 1, the very first realization of Ferdinand Porsche's dream to engineer the ultimate driving experience.Tour the Porsche factory and you’ll witness many other dreams in the making for a select group of driving enthusiasts around the world.(If there is a question concerning eligibility, a diplomatic or counsel office of the host country should be contacted prior to placing the order.) Upon receiving final payment, your dealer will present you with your final delivery information, which will include your designated delivery time, hotel and taxi vouchers, and your personal Monroney Label.Please be certain the Monroney Label checks against your copy of the European Delivery Vehicle Order Form regarding the model, options, insurance and delivery date.

Experience the thrill of a steep chicane, similar to the Corkscrew at Laguna Seca, take the curbs as if you were at the Nürburgring and feel the exhilarating g-forces in the section based on the Parabolica at Monza on our FIA-compliant and for professional competition use fully approved track.

If that’s not enough for you, there are also sections reminiscent of the Loews curve at Monaco, the Curve di Lesmo at Monza, and the Bus Stop at Spa-Francorchamps.

While the on-road test track provides an opportunity to become acquainted with the outstanding performance of the Cayenne on the tarmac, the off-road circuit gives you a taste of the vehicle’s handling in more extreme conditions.

The VAT payment is fully refundable when your vehicle has cleared customs in North America.

Order Cancellation Should it be necessary for you to cancel your order, a cancellation fee of 1% of manufacturer’s suggested retail price may be assessed.

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