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Jesus was clear that there would be an end of this age.

Ages do not go on forever and the Church Age has lasted for nearly two thousand years (two, one-thousand-year days).

God will be consistent and He will fulfill His week timeline seen through the earthly ages and also seen through Israel’s holy convocations and similitude’s or “types” in scripture.

Some might say it has already been more than 6000 years since creation. The calendars have changed over time and they are not reliable.

Years ago I wrote 25 articles about events taking place on earth that correlate to indicate the general season of the Lord’s physical return to earth. If you read those articles and look at these world events, the astute should come to the conclusion that this downward slide of the world cannot go beyond the 2030’s without the world destroying itself.

Apparently God also changed the actual length of the year on earth so the calendars actually did reflect reality.

The changes in the annual year have been recorded in the Bible., the sun and moon stood still in the heavens.

Anyway, there are many such “types” and similitude’s in the Bible that suggest a biblical week of 7000 years.

Therefore, if we know when the Lord was cut off and know that it had to be at the end of fourth day before the lasts days of the week of 7000 years, I think we can know the season of the Lord’s return in glory for the seventh day millennial reign. So if you believe the Bride will be taken seven years sooner or even before that time like me, the Rapture would occur no later than 2028 and it is likely that it will occur several years sooner.

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If you do a quick Google study on the Internet on the year that Jesus was crucified you will see that there are those claiming all sorts of proof why they know the correct year of the crucifixion.

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