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In the Permian granites, the magnetic foliations are near the Alpine mesoscopic disjunctive foliations crosscutting metamorphic schistosity in contact aureoles of granite.In the Late Palaeozoic (molasse) metasediments, the magnetic foliations are near the Alpine metamorphic foliations that are mostly parallel to the original bedding.The new plane is supermaneuverable and features a radar with a phased antenna array, engines with a controlled thrust vector and canard surfaces.

The book begins with a short chapter by Vasily Kashin describing the backstory of the territorial dispute over Crimea.

“In 2017, we plan purchasing Su-30SM,” the Belarussian Military Newspaper said quoting deputy defense minister.

Earlier, Commander of the Belarussian Air Force and Air Defense Major General Oleg Dvigalev said to 2020 the country plans buying at least a squadron of Su-30SM.

In metavolcanics, the magnetic foliations are partly parallel to the Alpine metamorphic foliations developed in relatively incompetent lithologies such as tuffs and tuffites and partly to disjunctive foliations developed in competent rhyolites and its subvolcanic members.

Their magnetic fabrics probably represent gradual transition from Variscan to Alpine fabrics.

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Although it starts with the conquest of the region by Catherine the Great back in the 18 century and mentions more familiar arguments related to the legitimacy of the region’s transfer from Russia to Ukraine in 1954, the main focus is on events after the break-up of the Soviet Union.

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  1. Here’s a preview of my book review, published today at War on the Rocks. A new English-language volume edited by Colby Howard and Ruslan Pukhov highlights the causes and nature of the conflict in Crimea, as well as provides some lessons for both Ukraine and other states that might be subject to Russian aggression in the future.